Metric - Formentera II

Metric - Formentera II



Exactly one year after the release of Metric’s 2022 album Formentera, the band has surprised fans with an unannounced and unexpected part two companion album - Formentera II, set for release on October 13 via Metric Music International/Thirty Tigers.

As was the case with Formentera, the songs of Formentera II were brought to life with Metric’s tried and true co-engineering & co-production trinity of Jimmy Shaw, Liam O’Neil, and Gus van Go, this time with the trio guiding the unpredictable process to completion from Main Street to Motorbass in Paris, the studio where some of the band’s favorite artists and sources of inspiration such as Air, Daft Punk and Sébastien Tellier have worked, in the very neighborhood Metric first Visited with Olivier Assayas in 2004 when working with the director on his Cannes Palme D’Or award-winning film Clean. The final touches that happened on Formentera II in Paris at the end of the European leg of Metric’s global Doomscroller Tour infused the album with fresh energy and made for a celebratory finish to the labyrinthine process of making these two ambitious albums during the pandemic.

Taken together, Formentera I & II embody an 18-song statement piece written and performed by a dedicated band of artists at the height of their sonic and songwriting powers. Solidifying their identity as genre-defying risk takers, as they did 20 years ago with their debut album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?, Metric’s ninth studio album Formentera II continues to build upon the body of work that drives the group’s urgent purpose, with Haines acting as a lighting rod at the helm, expressing and interpreting the turbulence of life in this world, giving our complex emotions a voice.

1. Detour Up
2. Just The Once
3. Stone Window
4. Days Of Oblivion
5. Who Would You Be For Me
6. Suckers
7. Nothing Is Perfect
8. Descendants
9. Go Ahead And Cry