Craig Finn - A Legacy Of Rentals

Craig Finn - A Legacy Of Rentals



Best known as the singer of the Hold Steady, Craig Finn is a Minnesota-bred singer, songwriter, and guitarist based out of New York City. Combining literary influences like Jack Kerouac and John Berryman with the musical influences of Bruce Springsteen and fellow Minnesotan Paul Westerberg, Finn's highly descriptive lyrical style has a strong focus on narrative, crafting whole worlds for the people in his songs to exist within. 'A Legacy of Rental's', the 6th solo record from Finn, was produced by Josh Kaufman and recorded by D. James Goodwin at The Clubhouse recording studio.

Compared to past solo releases, this new collection was recorded with the help of a 14-piece string section including violins, violas and cellos, instead of the usually horn-heavy sounds that Craig and The Hold Steady are known for. The themes of the record explore memory -- how we remember our loved ones, the places in our lives that have changed, and recent events that are part of our pasts.




  1. Messing With The Settings
  2. The Amarillo Kid
  3. Birthdays
  4. The Year We Fell Behind
  5. Due to Depart
  6. Curtis & Shepard
  7. Never Any Horses
  8. Jessamine
  9. A Break from the Barrage
  10. This is What It Looks Like