Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?

Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?

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Jeff Rosenstock isn't just any regular musician. From his early days playing in DIY ska band The Arrogrant Sons of Bitches to his musical collective Bomb The Music Industry!, Jeff has always had a penchant for keeping things weird. He's unapologetically himself and his new solo album, 'We Cool?', is no different.

'We Cool?' serves as a much-needed alternative to the over-bloated rock star faux-indie bullshit that seems to be overwhelming today's music scene. The album is loaded with undeniable power pop anthems from start to finish that will make you dance around your living room while simultaneously causing you to have an internal emotional breakdown.

Rosenstock notes: "Stupid guilt from fucking things up tends to weigh pretty heavily on me. Spending time at home, though, has finally helped me to realize that so much of that is all in my head. That's why the record is called We Cool? it's like checking in with someone when you're not sure why you ever stopped talking in the first place. We good? We cool? Everything OK? Cause I sure hope we all are."

It's honest, it's dark, it's fun it's Jeff Rosenstock.

1. Get Old Forever
2. You, In Weird Cities
3. Novelty Sweater
4. Nausea
5. Beers Again Alone
6. I'm Serious, I'm Sorry
7. Hey Allison!
8. Polar Bear or Africa
9. Hall of Fame
10. All Blissed Out
11. The Lows
12. Darkness Records