Enumclaw - Home in Another Life [PRE-ORDER]

Enumclaw - Home in Another Life [PRE-ORDER]


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Enumclaw, led by primary singer/songwriter Aramis Johnson is a movement for the people by the people from Tacoma, WA. With their new second LP Home in Another Life, Enumclaw has grown to be more than just a rock band. Instead they’re a community of creatives, videographers, photographers, writers, critics and skaters. They’re for the punk ass kids at skate parks in the Tacoma of every city, for the kids who get the deli chicken strips and eat them in the store without paying, for the kids who might not be found at the theatres and amphitheaters but will definitely go off in the pit at the punk venue which used to be a CVS. 

Home in Another Life packs a lifetime of emotion into it’s eleven songs - Johnson sets the personal tone from the start on opener “I’m Scared I’ll End Up All Alone,” a swaying but fierce kickoff track that channels bands like Dinosaur Jr and Archers of Loaf with a modern edge. Singles like “Change” and “Not Just Yet” show that the band’s ability to write hooks has completely leveled up since their 2022 debut Save the Baby. “Would you want me to change?” Aramis shouts over a raucous riff from guitarist Nathan Cornell, while the aggressive drum and bass pairing of Ladaniel Gibson and Eli Edwards on “Not Just Yet” feel integral to the song’s headbanging tempo.

After a hectic touring schedule with bands like Nothing, illuminati hotties and Toro Y Moi, Enumclaw shows no signs of slowing down their non-stop pace. From the start they have prided themselves on being a working-class band, hitting the road as much as possible and burning CDs at merch tables when they’ve needed to. Home in Another Life captures that energy - it’s a soundtrack to be played loud as hell out the window of a mid-2000’s sedan or blaring through the walls of your neighbor’s apartment building. It’s a record built to connect with you - that’s the only way Enumclaw has ever operated.


  1. I'm Scared I'll End Up All Alone
  2. Not Just Yet
  3. Sink
  4. Spots
  5. I Still Feel Bad About Masturbation
  6. Haven't Seen The Family In A While, I'm Sorry


  1. Grocery Store
  2. Change
  3. Fall Came Too Soon And Now I Wanna Throw Up
  4. This Light Of Mine
  5. I Want Somethings For Myself