Muscadine Bloodline - The Coastal Plains [PRE-ORDER]

Muscadine Bloodline - The Coastal Plains [PRE-ORDER]




For nearly a decade, Muscadine Bloodline have delivered a soulful and potent form of country music indelibly colored by their Alabama heritage. But in the making of their latest body of work, the Mobile-bred duo dug deeper into their roots than ever before, dreaming up a batch of songs inspired by the places they know best: the blue-collar melting pot of their coastal hometown, bustling Cajun fishing villages and desolate timberlands, the untamed and idyllic spaces where they ran wild as children. In a thrilling evolution of past hits like the platinum-certified “Porch Swing Angel,” vocalist Charlie Muncaster and vocalist/guitarist Gary Stanton merge that storytelling with a hard-hitting sound that alchemizes Alabama’s musical traditions into a sonic dialect all their own. Equal parts lived-in history and elaborate mythology, The Coastal Plain ultimately marks Muscadine Bloodline’s most daringly singular work to date.

The latest turn in a career that’s included releasing three acclaimed albums, earning a standing ovation at their 2018 Grand Ole Opry debut, and selling out shows across the country as an emphatically independent act, The Coastal Plain emerged from an acute strengthening of their creative vision. “In a lot of ways our last record felt like it was our first record, in terms of knowing exactly what direction we needed to take our music,” says Stanton, referring to 2023’s critically praised Teenage Dixie. “With this new album we wanted to narrow the lens even further, and create a refined and more adventurous version of that.” “The way people responded to Teenage Dixie taught us that our fans want to know all the details of who we are and where we’re from,” Muncaster continues. “It made us realize we need to get even more in-depth with the stories we’re telling in our songs, and tap into a whole new level of honesty.”

In bringing their new album to life, Muscadine Bloodline found themselves swept up in a creative momentum so powerful that they’ve already conceptualized the follow-up to The Coastal Plain. And as they continue to explore new and unexpected sonic terrain, Muncaster and Stanton feel fully emboldened to keep embracing what sets them apart from the country masses. “In a way this record feels like an ode to ourselves and the fact that we’ve finally found our sound, which is hopefully something that will end up inspiring other artists down the road,” says Muncaster. “Our motto for the last few years has been, ‘Make what we love, and everything else will take care of itself,’” Stanton adds. “We just want to stay adventurous and keep evolving and keep elevating our game, and because of that the music is the strongest it’s ever been.”


  1. Two Tattered Tulips    
  2. Daffodils    
  3. Earle Byrd From Mexia    
  4. One Man War    
  5. Pay Me No Mind    
  6. Tickets to Turnpike (feat. Kyle Nix)    
  7. Airport & McGregor    
  8. High On The Ridge    
  9. Rattlesnake Ridge    
  10. 10-90    
  11. Mary Riley    
  12. Weyerhaeuser Land    
  13. Low Hangin' Fruit    
  14. Good In This World