King Stingray - Milkumana / Lupa (SOLD OUT)

King Stingray - Milkumana / Lupa (SOLD OUT)



Yolŋu surf-rock band, King Stingray have released their groove-laden new single 'Milkumana', along with a super fun video that offers an exciting insight into life in Arnhem Land.Milkumana is the band's third release, since their hugely successful debut, 'Hey Wanhaka', and follow-up 'Get Me Out'. Both singles were added instantly to triple j and playlists across the country, the latter becoming an accidental lockdown anthem and one of the most played Australian songs on triple j in the past 12 months.

In Yolŋu Matha, 'Milkumana' means to show, share or pass on knowledge through stories and song. "It’s about leadership and mala wangany - we are all one and in this together", explains guitarist Roy Kellaway. "We are all living under the same sun, sailing in the same boat, towards a brighter future. It’s about role models and the importance of setting good examples for the new generation."

The message of 'Milkumana' is brought to life by the accompanying video, 'Milkumana and the Story of the Golden Bilma'. Filmed in King Stingray’s hometown of Yirrkala in North East Arnhem Land, the video features tribal elders Mangatjay Yunupingu and Malŋay Yunupingu, both well known keepers of Yolŋu manikay (traditional songlines), and respected mentors to King Stingray and the Yirrkala community. In the video, Mangatjay is giving Yirrŋa the Bilma (clapsticks), which is symbolic of passing on knowledge and power. This includes hunting skills, survival and life skills, and everything about living with Mother Earth in Arnhem Land.

Underpinned with a cheeky sense of humour and adventure, 'Milkumana and the Story of the Golden Bilma' was directed by Roy Kellaway and Sam Brumby, who grew up in the Gove together. The making of this clip and the people involved is a classic example of family and lifelong friendship merging to create something at once familiar and entirely new.

King Stingray have spent the past year dodging COVID-19 restrictions to wow crowds along the eastern states, with tour highlights including Dark Mofo in Hobart, Splendour In the Grass XR, and completely selling out their first ever tour in March/April 2021.

With one foot firmly planted in history and the other in the future, King Stingray have big plans for the next 12 months and beyond. Watch this space.

Side A: Milkumana

Side B: Lupa