Mike Noga - King

Mike Noga - King

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Mike Noga's third solo album, 'KING,' is a dark, psychedelic concept album loosely based on the famous 1830's play 'Woyzeck,' released via Cooking Vinyl Australia.

'KING' features Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones, Almost Famous) as "The Narrator" and was produced by Something For Kate's Paul Dempsey.
'KING' tells the tale of one mans descent into madness and the bloodshed that follows.

In 2014 Mike Noga found himself living in London. After being asked by immersive theatre company 'Punchdrunk' to pen music in response to their latest production 'The Drowned Man' (itself loosely based on Woyzeck), Noga was inspired to continue the story he started that day. He spent the next year in North London working on what would eventually become 'KING.'

Returning to Melbourne in 2015 and joining forces with Paul Dempsey, the two set about realising Mike's vision for an ambitious rock and roll album with a strong narrative and immersive elements. Enlisting the help of legendary Australian actor Noah Taylor in the role of narrator, the result is a unique concept album told through the eyes of Jack and Mary, a down and out couple living in small town 1950's Australia.

A vast departure in sound and style from Noga's previous solo albums, 'KING' commands attention from the opening notes to the final death throes.

Mike Noga is the former drummer for one of Australia's most critically acclaimed band The Drones. He's fronted numerous outfits of his own and he has released two much-lauded solo albums (such as 2012's "The Balladeer Hunter") with a third on the way.

2. PROLOGUE: Nobody Leads Me to Flames
3. ACT 1: Don't Fall to the Ground
4. ACT 1: All My Friends are Alcoholics
5. ACT 1: The Deceiver
6. ACT 2: Love Meets No Stranger
7. ACT 2: Runnin' at the World
8. ACT 2: I Wanna Live in America
9. ACT 2: Down Like JFK
10. ACT 3: Mary (Reprise)
11. ACT 3: Greys to Reds
12. ACT 3: Jack and Mary (Coda)