Metric - Formentera

Metric - Formentera

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“All Comes Crashing” is the first offering from Metric's upcoming eighth studio album, Formentera, set to release on July 8th. “Not everyone has a conventional life with conventional relationships,” says frontwoman Emily Haines. “‘All Comes Crashing’” is a love song that goes beyond romantic love, it’s an expression of solidarity with whoever it is you would want to have beside you in the event of a catastrophe. It might be your best friend, it might be your blood brother or your dog. The song is dedicated to those you consider your family, whatever that looks like for you.”

The words This Is What Happened flash across the screen in the video and have come to serve as the band’s motto as they reckon with the events of the last few years—a band at its peak of creative power attempting to decipher the turbulent world around us, with Haines positioned like a lightning rod in the midst of it, emerging with a fresh new album that sounds like essential Metric.

Metric are a critically-acclaimed Toronto rock band consisting of Emily Haines, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead and Joules Scott Key. Their latest album Art of Doubt was released in 2018 to praise from NPR Music, New York Times, Rolling Stone and more.


1. Doomscroller

2. All Comes Crashing

3. What Feels Like Eternity

4 Formentera

5. Enemies Of The Ocean

6. I Will Never Settle

7. False Dichotomy

8. Oh Please

9. Paths In The Sky