Johnny Hunter - Want

Johnny Hunter - Want

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Emboldened by life’s uncertainties, Johnny Hunter’s debut Want is a reminder that we all share what it is to be human, and must embrace our whole selves on the journey to self-actualisation. Every song is a challenge we faced as a band and as individuals in realising who Johnny Hunter is and ultimately who we truly are”, adds lead singer, Nick Hutt.

Produced by Jack Moffitt (The Preatures) and mixed by critically acclaimed engineer Adam Greenspan (IDLES, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds), Want reimagines the sound of new wave and new romantics for the 21st century, fusing them into a surging 10-tracks that are as poetic as they are anthemic; as ferocious as they are vulnerable.

From the cathartic ‘Life’ to darkly hypnotic ‘The Floor’ or thunderous ‘Clover’, the theme of human connection underscores the entire album. “No matter how different we may seem…unbeknownst to what it is we want, we have all been naive, we have all strived to find our version of life, we all fear change, fear sadness, all amidst our own collective fading eternity.”

Since emerging from the shadows of Sydney’s grim nightlife in 2019, Johnny Hunter have quickly risen to underground cult favourites, selling out rooms across Australia’s East Coast and winning audiences over supporting the likes of Jack White and The Saboteurs, City Calm Down and Polish Club to name a few. Their debut EP Early Trauma (2020) garnered critical praise and airplay around the country, citing influences and drawing comparisons to The Smiths, Joy Division and The Cure. Though their sound is rooted in nostalgia, their furiously honest songwriting and explosive performance style is undeniably made for now.



  1. Want
  2. Endless Days
  3. The Floor
  4. Life
  5. Dreams


  1. Fracture
  2. Cry Like A Man
  3. Eternity Fades
  4. Take Off
  5. Clover