Ceres - Drag It Down On You

Ceres - Drag It Down On You

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Brand new repressing of Ceres' album 'Drag I Down On You', originally released September 2, 2016.

Since forming in 2012, Ceres' infectious anthemic songs combined with endless enthusiasm and unmistakably Australian likability has resulted in the Melbourne quartet becoming much loved by critics and punters alike.

Written carefully over two years amidst tours, travel, and personal changes, second LP 'Drag It Down On You' was recorded across what the band call "one long, funny, emotional, frustrating, incredible, life-affirming" fortnight in March 2016.

'Drag It Down On You' engineering and mixing duties were handled by Aaron Dobbs (The Avalanches, Stonefield), and the popular Alan Douches (Brand New, Cloud Nothings, Mono) of NYC's West West Side mastered the album. Produced by Tom Bromly of Los Campesinos!

1. Okay
2. Happy In Your Head
3. Roll Ur Eyes
4. 91, Your House
5. Laundry Echo
6. Spinning Wheel
7. Loner Blood
8. Choke
9. Talking
10. Us
11. Nothing On Your Shoulders
12. Loaf
13. Del-Del
14. Baby's Breath
Pink in red colour vinyl is a very subtle colour in colour that appears when held to the light.  Stu.