Brent Cowles - How To Be Okay Alone

Brent Cowles - How To Be Okay Alone



Brent Cowles scribbled the phrase "How To Be Okay Alone" in a notebook one day, hoping he'd find the answer.

The question arose after a period of intense change: his teenage marriage had ended before he reached twenty, his first band had dissolved, and he was living out of his Chevy Tahoe, barely able to make ends meet. In the midst of these hardships, Brent went through a period of self-examination that resulted in his debut album "How To Be Okay Alone" - a raucous yet reflective 10-song collection that deals with love, loneliness and community.

Brent recorded "How To Be Okay Alone" with producer Joe Richmond (Tennis, Nathaniel Rateliff) over six days at a tiny Airbnb in an isolated stretch of Joshua Tree. The album is Brent's first solo full-length, following releases by his former band You, Me & Apollo.

1. The Fold
2. Tequila Train
3. Keep Moving
4. Gina Joon
5. Skylight
6. Fly On
7. Velvet Soul
8. Wire Walker
9. Places
10. How To Be Okay Alone