Fanny Lumsden - Real Class Act

Fanny Lumsden - Real Class Act



Real Class Act is our second record that we so proudly crowd funded (THANK YOU PLEDGENDS) and released Sept 22, 2017 on our own Independent record label RED DIRT ROAD RECORDS.

The songs are tales from the road over the past few years, which has seen Dan and myself drive hundreds of thousands of KMs all over this country, living in our little 14ft caravan 'Lil Millie' (see album cover). Produced by the incredible Matt Fell the record features some of the finest and most creative musicians and members of my family and I am mighty proud of it. 


Roll On 
Real Class Act
Elastic Waistband
Big Ol' Dry
Real Men Don't Cry (War on Pride)
Pretty Little Fools
Peppercorn Tree
Shootin' the Breeze
Perfect Mess
Rain on Your Parade
Here to Hear